The War on Drugs is Coming to an End

And is creating one of the greatest investment opportunities of a generation.


(Estimated size of illicit drug market.)

It’s already happening. Everywhere the war is ending.

And it’s why we started Safe Supply. To help build the post-war on drugs world and capitalise on an incredible opportunity.

The Landscape

Safe Supply in British Columbia

The Canadian Province of British Columbia has become the most progressive jurisdiction in the world bringing an end to the drug war. 

Inititives inlclude:

Investing over $1B in 2023 to combat the toxic drug supply

Drug-checking services

Overdose prevention and supervised consumption sites

Prescribed safer supply

This is creating a 


per year opportunity in British Columbia
for safely supplied cocaine.

Renewed Interest in the Coca Plant

The coca plant (excluding cocaine) is experiencing renewed interest from both the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Therapeutic applications of coca leaf include:

• Energy
• Digestion
• High in protein and vitamins

• Weight loss
• Carbohydrate metabolism
• Pain management




Energy drinks


functional foods



Responding to the Fentanyl Overdose Crisis

1.22M Americans have died from the opioid epidemic in the last decade.

74K Americans died from fentanyl-related overdoses in 2022

While fentanyl test strips were once considered “drug paraphernalia” and illegal in the US, they are now legal in a majority of US states

Globally, the fentanyl test strip market is expected to grow to


by 2030 and


by 2027 in the US alone.

The cost of fighting this war is too high.

Just look at the numbers.

$1 trillion dollars+
EFFECT: Cannabis, Psychedelics and Cocaine Use is at
all-time highs.
OVERDOSES: opioid related deaths in 2021 in the US alone
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Everyday, we get a bit closer to the end.

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