Invest and Incubate Across the Value Chain

Our strategy is to invest in and incubate companies across the safe supply ecosystem to create a tightly woven fabric of synergies that generate short-term revenues to Safe Supply while also maximizing value accretion as our investee companies grow

As more jurisdictions move to decriminalize and legalize different psychoactive compounds, new opportunities will emerge.


As reform programs move forward, governments will need trusted sources of the different compounds to distribute to the programs.



Production of certain materials already occurs legally, such as the production of the coca plant in Peru. We will invest in companies importing / exporting such materials.


Science & Innovation

Schedule 1-3 compounds such as cannabis, psychedelics and others have been a source of many new medicines for approval and this trend will continue as other drugs are descheduled.


Education & Information

Governments are investing heavily in educating people and communities in how to safely prepare to safely rediscover this powerful compounds

Clinics and Distribution

The emerging market for psychoactive compounds will need new distribution pathways and clinical infrastructure to be delivered.

Therapeutic Applications

Many new applications in energy drinks, functional foods, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical are expected to emerge.

Testing & Analytics

Ensuring testing and analytical purity will be essential for new programs to operate effectively.

The Network Effect
By investing across the value chain, we can create a potent force through collaborative synergies across our platform. This intertwining of businesses creates an environment where value creation can be faster and maximized for our companies.
Revenue Synergies
By having a portfolio of companies operating in complementary spaces, an inherent network effect takes shape. One company’s growth can directly fuel another’s.This not only maximizes revenue potential but also broadens the customer base for each entity. The shared clientele, joint marketing efforts, and cross-promotional activities ensure that every win for one is a win for all.
Cost Synergies
Our network effect goes beyond revenue. Sharing resources, be it human capital or infrastructure, results in significant cost savings. Think of Safe Supply as a shared ecosystem where companies can leverage each other’s strengths, be it in procurement, R&D, or operations, leading to economies of scale and reduced operational costs.
A Diversified Portfolio
For investors, Safe Supply provides a mechanism to invest in the sector. Rather than having to pick individual stocks and taking on the risk associated by investing in a single issue, investors can leverage the knowledge and capabilities of Safe Supply’s highly experienced management team to identify companies that will make an impact across the new narcotics value chain.
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Benefits of Investing in Safe Supply

Safe Supply presents the smartest way to invest in the emerging safe supply ecosystem and the third wave of drug reform.


Portfolio of Diversified Assets

Diversification inherently reduces investment risk. By holding a varied range of assets within the safe supply sector, investors are better positioned against potential downturns in any single asset, enhancing stability and consistent growth potential.

World-Class Team

Our seasoned team brings expertise, experience, and a proven track record. Investors can be assured that the company’s strategies and operations are being steered by industry veterans.

Early Entry into a Burgeoning Sector

Investors will benefit from the company’s first-mover advantage, capitalizing on opportunities before they become mainstream and potentially generating higher returns.

Unique Model with High-Velocity Deployment into Investments

A quick turnaround time in investment deployment maximizes the time assets are working to generate returns. This approach ensures investors’ capital is always optimally employed, potentially leading to higher yields in shorter durations.

Revenue Synergies

Strategic Positioning Post Decriminalization

Regulatory changes, such as decriminalization, often unlock vast market potentials. Investing in a company poised to capitalize on these changes allows investors to ride the upward momentum, tapping into newly accessible revenue streams.

Streaming Model Ensuring Diversified Exposure

The streaming model guarantees that investments are spread across the value chain of the safe supply sector. This ensures that investors are not overexposed to any single segment, providing both safety and multiple growth avenues.

‘Strategic’ Financial Model

With the majority of capital being diligently funneled into high-potential deals, investors can expect enhanced returns. The model’s efficiency ensures that capital is not lying dormant but is actively seeking and capitalizing on profitable ventures.

Commitment to Innovation and Evolution

The safe supply sector, especially post-decriminalization, is ripe for innovation. A company committed to staying ahead of the curve ensures that investors are always part of the next big breakthrough, leading to sustained growth and profitability.

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