Safe Supply Streaming Corp will make investments along the narcotics value chain. Through its streaming investment model, the Company intends to create a new eco-system that enables safe supply while reducing harm and helps tackle addiction. Focus will be on scalable solutions with superior effectiveness.

Additionally, the Company intends investing in a number of value-add auxiliary companies to broaden its offering and capitalize on eco-system synergies.


We’re not the first streaming company in history, but we are the first in the legal narcotics space. Streaming has been a successful model in other industries, in particular mining (e.g. Silver Wheaton) and cannabis (Cannabis Wheaton, now Auxley).

Investing in Safe Supply is investing in a new sector and investing at the early stages of the Third Wave in narcotics legalization


For investors, Safe Supply provides a mechanism to invest in the sector. Rather than having to pick individual stocks and taking on the risk associated by investing in a single issue, investors can leverage the knowledge and capabilities of Safe Supply’s highly experienced management team to identify companies that will make an impact across the new narcotics value chain. In this way, investors will gain exposure to a broad portfolio of companies with above average potential to capitalize on the sector opportunities.

Investing in the company means investing in the sector

Safe Supply Streaming Corp. is a special purpose vehicle focused on making investments across the value chain for the new legalized narcotics industry. The streaming model provides numerous benefits to companies and investors: 

  1. Capitalizing on the third wave: Following the legalization of cannabis and the (re-)emergence of psychedelics, safe supply is the third wave of the regulation-enabled revolution in narcotics use and their medical application.
  2. High value for early movers: Safe Supply Streaming Co is a first/early mover in this space. As the cannabis and psychedelics sectors have shown, there is very considerable value in being a first/early mover in terms of valuation, liquidity and the ability to raise funds and execute;
  3. Public-Private-Partnership: Safe Supply is happening now, government backed, creating opportunities for private companies. While governments are introducing safe supply in multiple jurisdictions, the private sector is needed as a partner in order to
    • Achieve fiscal efficiencies;
    • Bring innovative/disruptive offerings and other solutions to market that will deliver an outsized positive impact, especially compared to the status quo, and
    • Scale up nationwide and globally
  4. Access: Through management, investors will gain access to opportunities typically not accessible to them
  5. Synergies: SSSC provides shared services to its portfolio companies, creating financial efficiencies and operational synergies. Furthermore, management’s network will create strategic opportunities for portfolio companies.
  6. Team: SSSC has a world class team with deep experience in founding, operating, growing, buying and selling companies. Management will put its experience and network to work for its portfolio companies, thereby creating a moat around its business while generating shareholder value;
  7. Streaming model: Through its streaming model, SSSC will not only benefit from capital appreciation in its portfolio, but will also benefit from commercial transactions through royalties and advantageous terms on portfolio companies’ products and services;
  8. Reduced risk: The SSSC model significantly reduces investment risk (for investors) by being focused on multiple opportunities throughout the entire value chain